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20 Worldbuilding Questions: Race Edition

Race building isn’t something a lot of people do- let alone make the center point of their story; most choose your typical basic races or related groups- like Elves, Dwarves, Vampires, or Humans. But in my opinion, it’s an incredibly underutilized source to add a little originality to your stories. Continue reading “20 Worldbuilding Questions: Race Edition”

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Writing Tools: Generators

Sometimes lists of questions- like the ones I use for my Religions– are a great jumping point for developing the various elements that go into creating a believable fictional world…. And sometimes they’re not; sometimes you get to a place where you’re stuck, and you need a little outside help. Enter Random Generators.

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20 Worldbuilding Questions: Religion Edition

Religions are one of my favorite things to create when it comes to worldbuilding for fictional novels. There’s so many things that you can do with them! But they’re also one of the most overlooked worldbuilding items in many regards; some fiction authors do great throwing together a basic religion, sure. But most others tend to leave them out entirely- or worse, halfass them when they decide they’re necessary. Continue reading “20 Worldbuilding Questions: Religion Edition”

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Responding to Reviews: A Quick and Dirty Guide

You wont find them by searching the web for this particular Pen Name, but I’ve written a few books over the years. They’re mostly nonfiction works, but they’re there none the less- I’d just like to keep them separate from my fictional meanderings.

Still, if there’s one thing to know, it’s that as an Author you will always encounter reviews- and not all of them will be nice ones. But the advice in the writing sphere is quite divided when it comes to reviews and how to respond to them. Continue reading “Responding to Reviews: A Quick and Dirty Guide”

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The Gift of Death

Project: None
An elderly woman telling the myths of their people to a group of children gathered around her

Prompt: Write a myth to explain why we are born and why we die + She went to catch a Monster and came back with a sonHe Saw Darkness in her Beauty, and She saw Beauty in his Darkness + If a God Falls in love with you, you can never really die + I saw the life leave her eyes even if she was not dead
Length: 1,258 Words
Time: 1 hour 10 minutes

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The Chase of Two Sisters

Project: None
 An elderly woman telling the myths of their people to a group of children gathered around her

Prompt: Write a Myth to explain why the Sun Rises and Sets
Length: 760 words
Time: 45 Minutes

Special thanks to Jamie for helping me work out the details whenever I got stuck. Your help was absolutely invaluable! Continue reading “The Chase of Two Sisters”

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Papers on the Governance of the Sovereign State of Alira

Project: Chanteuse
Perspective: Academic from a neighboring country, writing on the governmental structure of the country the paper concerns.

Prompt: None
Length: 2,806
Time: 4 hours

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